Your health is clearly important to you otherwise you wouldn’t be here…

You probably already have a fitness routine and an idea of what the right diet should look like.

But something is missing

You are not seeing your desired weight loss and haven’t seen any progress in a while.

 You are overwhelmed with all the different approaches that everyone is taking and that’s making you even more confused.

 You’re working out a few hours a day and just not seeing any results.

Are you frustrated with not achieving your goals and feel like giving up?

But you can’t give up because you need to look your absolute best on your wedding day…

I feel you!


Do you want to shed the excess fat and tone your body?

Do you want to be healthy and feel good?

Do you want to be body confident on your big day and your honeymoon?

Do you want increased energy and motivation and actually sustain it throughout the day?

Do you wish someone would just tell you what the best thing is to do so you can finally see proper progress and move forward?

I’ve been there, done that and I’m ready to help you!

Every bride to be is stressed out in the lead up to the big day, you’re not alone!

As the big day approaches, you have thousands of things to deal with, from organising the day to attending family events, the hen do and of course making sure you fit perfectly into your wedding dress and being in fantastic shape ready for those photos and videos that will be taken on the day which will be streamed across the globe and passed down from generation to generation.

Overwhelming isn’t it? Does that feel like its impossible to achieve right now?

You’re about to make a commitment to your partner, in front of everyone you love and care about, you want to look your best, of course you do!

You know exactly how you’d love to look. It’s a clear image in your mind.

But you’re fed up wasting your hard earned cash and time off on stuff that let you down.

Well, I can help you step into that slimmer picture for real, without breaking the bank.



I have helped hundreds of brides to get in shape, put an end to yoyo dieting, and keep the weight off. These are women who looked beautiful and filled with confidence on their wedding day, stunning on their honeymoon, and were still buying a smaller size years later! I can help you do the same!


Results ranging from 21 Days – 12 Weeks


I’m Amy, the Bridal Body Coach, I am nutritionist and trained fitness coach and I help women break free from the restriction and frustration in food and exercise so that they can achieve the body transformation they’ve always desired.

Bridal Body Coach was born when a number of my best friends requested my help prior to getting married as they too wanted to look their very best on their big day.

I was also the best ‘man’ at my brother’s wedding, and I too wanted to be in the best shape and filled with confidence for my best man speech when all eyes were on me.

I’ve had a fair share of health struggles, with my education in nutrition and training as a personal trainer I found my calling and I am dedicated to being a leader and educator for those looking to transform their lives for the better – what better way to enter your new married life?!




This manual gives you a quick start guide to your new plan, clarifying key points and ultimately condensing everything you need to know so you can jump straight in with minimal reading or time commitments. There is also more in depth reading for those who want to learn more!


Understand what types of foods you should be eating for YOUR body, how much you should be eating as well as understand whats good and bad for you and how to have a healthy balance of EVERYTHING in your life. You also get access to my top recipes which are delicious. None of that boring dry chicken and brocolli in my plans!


The 100 Day Workouts provides a progressive routine meaning you will get more variation, work with different advanced training techniques and develop a better mix of muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscle tone and weight loss ! You also have a choice of home workouts, gym workouts or both.


You get 150-days FREE access to my exclusive app where you can follow your workouts step by step, have video demonstrations and even swap exercises with a suitable alternative! You can also track your progress on here as well as your nutrition.




Simple and straightforward nutrition steps so you know exactly how to eat for the best results and how to keep the weight off without ever ditching your favourite foods

Your body to look stunning from every angle in your wedding dress so you can get lost in the moment as you walk down the aisle instead of worrying how you look in-front of your loved ones

To watch your groom go weak at the knees as you walk towards him with confidence and proud you look just the way you wanted for him

Re-ignite the spark and passion in the bedroom on your wedding night with your new body confidence just like the way it used to be when you first met

Rapid results that keep on coming so you never get de-motivated and but instead look forward to getting the tape measure out each Monday

The exact step by step template I use to get brides to be stripping off fat from their arms, back, legs and stomach by EATING carbs instead of cutting them out

Love going shopping for wedding lingerie and new clothes following my plan that will turn shopping trips in into a pleasure instead of a nightmare reaching for all the larger sizes you hate to wear






As this plan is based on years of advanced scientific testing which has been successfully utilised by 1000s of our members I am fully confident in you and your results. I understand you’ve likely failed before and followed fad diets or plans that promise the world but you need to understand this is a totally different ball game. So, because I know the plan works, I offer a results backed guarantee if you complete the full plan and do not get results. Simply all you must do is complete the plan, follow my workouts/diet plans and then if, after 100 days, you’ve failed to lose weight you can request a full refund! Don’t worry, we can also stay friends!



How much can I expect to lose?

As always, the answer depends. For example, someone who has 100LB to lose will drop fat much faster than someone who has 10LB to lose. It also depends on how hard you work and how consistent you are etc.

However, the average reported FAT loss from clients on the plan who focus purely on fat loss is around 25 lbs or two dress sizes. Not bad for only 90 days right?

We focus purely on FAT LOSS not WEIGHT LOSS.

This way the end result will be a lean but athletic physique, not just a skinny one! It also means you will be much healthier, stronger and have a better metabolism and hormonal environment after the 100 days!

Do I have to eat at a specific time or eat certain foods only?

Absolutely not! I encourage a flexible approach. Although I provide an example meal plan this is not fixed. I have a whole section in the transformation manual providing meal structures and teaching you how to tailor your diet based around you and your lifestyle.

Do I have to take supplements?

No! All supplements are add-ons that may help. They are NOT a replacement for diet and exercise. They may help but they are certainly not required. Many people get great results without using the supplements, they are totally optional.

Are the exercises in video format?

Absolutely, you get free access to my exclusive app, you can access this from a desktop, laptop, tablet or your smart phone. Each exercises will come with video tutorial as well as written instructions.

Do I get any support?

Yes, but most of it is already built into the transformation manual! The program is built to be self-sustaining, I spend months developing everything in the plan so it is easy to follow and can be tailored to you. Throughout the transformation manual you will notice I try and teach you how to tailor aspects of the plan based on YOUR body. If you feel something is missing or confusing, please contact me and i’ll do my best to help!

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

No way! This is a set ONE time fee that you pay. Just pay the low price below and you get EVERYTHING listed above.