Benefits of Exercise Before The Big Day

So you’re probably consumed with all the information out there on how to get fit for the big day! Here are my top 5 tips I advise you to take action on immediately!

1. Up your training 

Try to attend one or two more sessions a week than usual. Working out is a great way of de-stressing from all that wedding planning and it’ll make you feel totally amazing! In the run-up to the wedding, working out as much as possible means that physical and mental health really benefits from being out and having some time to yourself.

2. Plan your time

You are probably sick of planning but this one is useful. If your calendar is anything like mine, the months in the run-up to the wedding suddenly seem to be full of hen do’s, weekends away, venue visits, dress fittings and it makes life a bit hectic. To create a structure around when you can make a session, sit down at the start of each week and pencil into your diary when you can get to the gym, workout at home without disturbances or go for a swim or a run. Take a look at your week ahead – if your evenings and weekends are busy, try squeeze in a quick morning session or even a lunch time session!

3. Make friends with weights

There is a fear of weights making us look bulky, which is the last thing you want for your wedding day. However, it is impossible for us women to look bulky; we just don’t have that amount of testosterone in our bodies! Most brides have their arms out on show on their big day and if it is an area you want to concentrate on, swallow your fears and start playing around with weights. They are your friends, I promise. Just friends that are a little bit straight with you for your own good!

4. Get moving on the morning of the big day 

You’re likely to be a jittery bag of nerves on the morning of your wedding. On the morning of your wedding, get your trainers on, grab a bridesmaid and get out for a run or a workout at the gym – I promise it’ll help with the nerves.

5. Be kind to yourself

This is the most important one. You’ve got a million different worries and pressures flying around and trying to push yourself too hard will only mean you get burnt out. If you get a bit rundown or overwhelmed, take a week off training. Do not push yourself beyond your limits. It’s vital to stop and listen to your body. You’ll come back eager, excited and raring to get moving again.


I hope these tips were useful to you! If you have any concerns about training, nutrition, wellness or even if it’s something wedding planning related – whatever it is… I would love to hear from you so I can address these issues!!