I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach whose aim is to change lives and inspire people to lead healthier lifestyles. Fitness and health has been a passion of mine for many years as well as helping people become better versions of themselves.

Having battled with weight myself and gone through the awful experience of not feeling good in anything I wore, I embarked on a journey against all odds, due to health complications and came out a completely different person. I now know that fad diets, pills and potions or starving yourself will not help you achieve your goals but good nutrition coupled with exercise is the answer. My guidance in nutrition and exercise will help you change your lifestyle altogether, where you will be able to enjoy all natural everyday foods without ever feeling deprived.

As a respected exercise and nutrition professional, I have had thousands of satisfied clients of all age groups, genders, shapes and sizes. In addition, a good number of my friends requested my help prior to getting married as they too wanted to look their very best on their big day. This is how Bridal Body Coach was born. Catering specifically for the bride to be, the bride and groom or the bride and bridesmaids with plans that are 100% customised to every client’s requirements, limitations and goals.

I am a big believer in loving your body, no matter what body shape or size one may have, the important thing is to exercise and feed your body for optimal health. It provides the best quality of life possible mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Regular exercise and healthy nutrition not only helps you feel good but also reduces the risk of developing lifestyle related diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. It is also a great way to reduces stress and prevent depression as well as improve self-esteem and confidence! Regular exercise is also vital to ensure that our bodies are at their best. Could you think a better way of entering your new married life?

My plans have a huge focus on nutrition. I have spent the last year in the kitchen, whipping up some yummy nutritious meals for my clients to incorporate into their lifestyles. Most importantly, any member of the family, as well as friends can enjoy them too!

Obviously exercising is great therapy too, and is vital to keep your body healthy and in shape. My training methods are fun yet effective. Eating right and exercising can and will improve physical and mental limitations and completely transform your life through every aspect. I am able to create home workouts with minimal equipment or gym workouts too – the choice is completely yours!