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5 Top Tips In The Run Up To Your Big Day

Benefits of Exercise Before The Big Day


There are many benefits to exercising in the run-up to the big day – and no, it’s not just to lose weight!

Here are Bridal Body Coach’s top 4 benefits to exercising in the run-up to the big day.

Regular Exercise increases your blood flow

When you sweat during a workout, your skin expels all the impurities stuck in your pores, resulting in your skin looking more radiant as well as eliminating pimples and acne.

During exercise, our bodies release the stress hormone – cortisol

This results in improved sleep and less dark circles around the eyes. Cortisol will leave you feeling and looking fresh! Furthermore, less stress will ensure you have fewer arguments with your other half, a healthy way to start a marriage.

During exercise, the structure of your skin will also be affected

Regular exercise boosts the production of collagen, particularly when strength training. Your muscles strengthen and tone which in turn makes your skin firmer and encourages more elasticity, making your skin feel and look healthier than ever!

Some women want to reduce their breast size whilst other may want to firm them

With all the products available on the market, it is misleading and often difficult to know what you should and should not be doing. Exercise focusing on the pectoral muscle can really help tone your breasts making you feel more confident in everyday life and most importantly on your big day!

Unfortunately, no cream or pill is going to make your breasts fuller nor firmer.

Personally, I used to hate my breasts, having gone through the usual phases of gaining and losing weight in an unhealthy way, I felt as though they were just sagging. However, upon reaching an unhealthy weight and body fat percentage of 34% along with a chest size 34E I decided enough was enough and the weight had to go. Instead of reducing my calories by a hefty unhealthy amount and not exercising, it was when I started doing things right that it all changed! Now at 30C I am very comfortable and happy! Not only does it suit my figure but also because I did not cut calories by an excessive amount or eliminate carbs from my diet they have stayed perky firm, which in turn has boosted my confidence!

We all want to look our best for our big day. You have two choices available to you. You can opt for a quick fix, which is the unhealthy and unsustainable route. Alternatively, you can make getting body ready for your very own big day a change of lifestyle, from which you will reap benefits for the rest of your life.